Aug 7, 2017


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Beginnings. I started Foxwell Films around 8 years ago, in January 2010. It was a bit of a punt to be honest. I wasn’t champing at bit to start my own business or begin a freelance career. It was borne from necessity because I relocated from London (where I had a staff job as in-house filmmaker at a content marketing agency) to Devon (where I grew up).  There are not too many salaried filmmaking jobs in Devon. It was all quite scary. Buying kit. Finding an accountant. Thinking of ways to build networks.  My first client was my previous employer which meant lots of commuting to London. This was fine until my wife and I started a family. The traveling was hard on us all.

The pretentious bit. As my portfolio as a freelancer grew I began to develop a stronger sense of my own filmmaking style. Some have called it melancholy, languid, slow.

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